Tim Wasson - web nerd guy.


I'm a long-time web-nerd who does web-nerd stuff. 

I started builing websites in the days of 28.8K modems, when code was typed in Notepad and graphics were made in Microsoft Paint. I found websites to be a perfect intersection of creativity and nerdier pursuits, like hand-written code. This was back in 1996, when most people didn't know what email or IM was, and I was totally fascinated by this "internet" thing. 

I attended college at the Illinois Institute of Art, where I learned about a bunch of technologies that are now dead. I worked with Director and Flash and Authorware and ActionScript, but eventually all those technologies came back to the web. In 2004, I got back into the web full-time and I've been there since. 

I'm currently a Drupal Site Builder and Front End Engineer at Stanford University and part-time Thinkful Mentor specializing in front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JS and more.