Tim Wasson - web nerd guy.

August 2002

Well one of

Well, one of my auctions finished for $200, which I was pretty excited about. Unfortunately, the winner turned out to be a deadbeat. So, I'm going to have to relist. And that sucks. But such is life.

I've been really, really busy lately. Hopefully that will end tonight. I feel lame, though. It's been so long since I've actually been making my own money and doing well at it that it's a welcome change, and I feel bad when I'm not working. I've had a really good couple of weeks, financially speaking, and I want to keep it up.

awesome awesome awesome AWESOME.

The new custom-art.com is doing SO AWESOME that I can't even believe it. It's been just over 12 hours since my ad went out, and already I have 2 sales. I'm pumped. I can hardly believe it. Maybe custom-art.com will actually turn a profit.

I'm headed to work today, and now I have my hopes up to see hundreds of sales when I get back.

It's been a

It's been a really busy couple of days.

Today I spent some time updating my dad's webpage. My auctions were also all ending today, so I monitored them and got them ready to go. So far, I've made $340 off the merchandise with eBay, plus $150 selling Fabish some speakers. So, I'm down $60, but I have that cool Jensen stereo to sell, and those gay headphones that I will never get rid of. I'll probably make a profit, but if I can't sell that stereo, I'll just keep it. It's pretty cool, after all.

So the custom-art.com

So, the custom-art.com CD is finished, custom-art.com has been given a facelift, and we're all set to start sellin'. The first round of ads should be going out tonight.

It's nice, because these mods were pretty quick and fairly easy, but the best part... completely free. Free is good. Dave is doing all the promotion and selling for me (for 20% of my profits), and those should be my only expenses.

Weighin in

I weighed in again this morning, which I haven't done for many Mondays in a row, for fear of actually gaining weight. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that I now weigh 230. I was stuck at 233 for... well, basically forever, which is really, really frustrating. But now I'm back on track. And yes, junkmachine has been updated accordingly.

225 coming next week. I can feel it in my bones.

Kick ass.

So, the unveiling of my failed project. Ready, set go!

Here it is.

Custom-art.com. I spent $5,000 setting it up, plus getting a merchant account up and running for processing credit card orders, plus getting the whole mySQL, PHP back end set up, etc. Anyway, up until last week, it had made me $17. Then I decided to sell it by putting it on eBay. It didn't sell (or get any bids, for that matter), but one guy did email me and asked if I would sell him non-exclusive rights to the mascots for $150. I said abso-freaking-lutely.

Errands and more errands.

I was out running errands today. I deposited some checks, mailed off some CDs and VCDs, and stopped at Wal-Mart to return a shitty ICEE maker I bought. As I walked out to my Jeep after stopping at Wal-Mart, I noticed a huge, brand new 6" slice in my back window. Someone had cut it open during my 15 seconds at Wal-Mart. I was pissed off.

So I put

So, I put everything I have on eBay, and it turns out that if I hit my reserve price on everything, I will have lost about $4 on this whole "buy unclaimed freight" experiment. That's not bad, though. Losing $4 is just a lesson learned, and a great lesson, really. I plan to try something similar again if I make my money back, or anywhere close to it.