Tim Wasson - web nerd guy.

May 2003

I just picked

I just picked up a 40 foot U-Haul for today. Let me just say that driving one of those things sucks ass. It's a 5 speed with a messed up shifter and it's the biggest damn car on the road at any given time. It freaks me out. Why did they have to be out of the 20 foot ones? Damn those U-Haulers.

how cool is

how cool is this?

Tonight, my dad and I installed a new outlet in my kitchen. That was fun. Now I'm going to take a bit of a break to watch The Daily Show and then I'm going to start packing for my big move, which is tomorrow, hopefully. I don't plan on getting all the way out, but hopefully I'll only have 1 more truckload before I'm ready to be done with this awful apartment.

Ah... had a

Ah... had a fun time at Bryan J. Polk's big Hawaiian birthday bash last night. I got to meet many of the people I've only heard stories about, and see many of the people I haven't seen very often, IE, Mister Jim. His hair was way gayer than I remembered it being.

Today I hope to finish up the NES PC so tomorrow will be clear to pack and start getting crap out of my apartment. Wee.

I think breathing

I think breathing saw dust and varnish for a couple days made me temporarily crazy in the coconut. Me, my sister, and my mom spent 6 hours in my yard cleaning up crap back there. Then I mowed. I tried to trim, but couldn't start the damn trimmer. Damn trimmer.

Now it's break time. At 5, we're going to visit my grandpa because my aunt is in from Missouri. Then I'm going to come home and put a 2nd coat on those floors. They look even better today than they did yesterday.


Plus, $29! $29 from my online Nintendo computer store in the past 24 hours. Did I mention the shopping part just went live... oh, about 24 hours ago? Fame, here I am! Fortune, here I come! Screen Savers, make me a superstar with cash to burn!

Remember all that

Remember all that bitching about redoing the floors? Forget I said any of it. The 4th 14 hour day in a row working on the damn thing, and we put on the 1st layer of poly. Holy crap, that is a nice looking floor. It was worth every second, even though I'll be picking sawdust out of my hair and nose for weeks. Nice, nice, nice.

I just got

I just got done with the big drum sander. My nose is full of sawdust and it feels all weird. I keep picking it, and get huge handfuls of sticky, nasty dust. It's really disgusting. Have I mentioned I hate redoing hardwood floors?