Tim Wasson - web nerd guy.

February 2004

Reasons I hate

Reasons I hate working in the mall:

The rock-hard stool I have to sit on with no backrest.
People always asking me where stuff is.
People always asking me what time it is.
People always asking me everything about every cellular service that has ever existed.
No surfing for porn since everyone can see what I'm doing.
Public restrooms.
The fucking mall walkers.
Old people.
No Dish Network.
11 year olds dressing like hookers.
The constant temptation to eat Auntie Anne's Pretzels.

I sent my

I sent my resume to a company last night to fill a position as "Production Artist". I called this morning to annoy them, and I am in the pile of "considerations".

I'm stopping by another company on my way to work to drop off another resume. Peace out, Digi Stizzy.

Jesus I hate

Jesus, I hate my fucking job. I hate retail. I hate knowing I have to go back tomorrow.

On Monday I went into the store, already a bit pissed off because this week I start a new, shitty schedule with fucked up hours so they don't have to give us overtime. So I walk in only to find out the person who closed the night before fucked up a bunch of stuff that I had to fix. So I fixed it, annoyed the entire time.

Today at 3:23

Today at 3:23, my second nephew, Peter Joseph, was born. As of right now, it's unsure whether or not our matching middle names are a coincidence. I'd like to think it's not.

He was big by some standards, but not by Wasson standards. 8 lbs, 12 ounces, and 21 inches long. Tell me congratulations now.

Hoops last night

Hoops last night for the first time in a long time. I love Hoops and I love the pizza and on Wednesday, I love the price. Jaimee and I got out for $12 which included 2 beers, 2 sodas, and 4 slices of the world's greatest pizza. Plus an encounter with the drunkest man with the hugest scar I'd ever seen. Or not.

Today is the big day. My sister is having her second son and my second nephew today. The name is still a secret. She's in the hospital right now, but I don't know much else about the status. I was promised updates today, so you'll know when I do.

I'm hungry.

As much as

As much as I love snow and wish we had a huge snowstorm this year, I'm ever so happy to see it melting and be able to walk around without a coat on without feeling cold. Even though it's still February, Spring is in the air and I can smell it. Ah, Spring.

My last 2 days at work here at GP have been remarkably lame. No customers, no sales, and now, no phones. That's right, the phone systems are down, leaving me all by myself with no distractions at all. It's kind of nice, since Junkmachine needs updating and now I can do it.

God I want

God, I want a new job. Any new job.

My second nephew is due any day now, and I can't wait. Tomorrow I'm painting a mural in his new room. Tonight I'm working out. For at least a half hour.

I haven't had a customer walk into the store in 6 hours.

I'm running out of things to do.

I need junkmachine.com to be back up and running soon.

I need a better paying job.

2 things that

2 things that make me so mad my head falls off:

First off, work. Fucking work. I hate everything about it these days. I work almost every day in the shittiest hours, 1-9, at the shittiest location. I never get any sales and, therefore, no money. There's stretches of time 6 or 7 hours long in which no one even comes into the store.

Every single night

Every single night I work at GP, the fax machine rings. Every single night, it's not a fax, but a lonely voice on the other end. The machine simply beeps, and I hear this voice talking to her son's answering machine. The messages get more desperate and lonely every night. Just now it sounded like she was about to cry. I feel like I should do something, but it's the kind of fax machine without a phone attached and no real way to answer it without unplugging it mid-message. Poor lady.