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September 2004

This entry will

This entry will be a rant.

So, I don't expect every guy off the street to understand exactly what my job is. I don't expect people to understand when I start talking about ActionScripting and mySQL databases. But any amateur in Photoshop should have at least a vague idea of what it means when I say "dpi". It's not a complicated concept.

The "graphic designers" I work with have no idea what that phrase means.

Here's a completely

Here's a completely nerd type entry that is entirely skippable.

So work continues on tim.cx. It's only negative is that the PHP stuff for it makes it so easy to update, I'm imagining it growing to huge amounts of data that doesn't really have an audience. But it's fun, and I'm enjoying the process. Especially the moblog, which actually stores the pics I send on my server for easy back up.

Oh default LJ

Oh, default LJ theme, how I have missed you. I know, I left you for a short while, but now we're back together again, and forever this time. I mean it.

Blandon took me to dinner last night for drawing a picture, which was a good deal for both of us. Or at least for me. Then we saw SleepyPolk for a short while before I went home and worked on junkmachine and tim.cx.

I just worked out. My arms and legs hurt. And stomach. And fingers, because one is still tore up and one was jammed. And my chest. But my wrists are okay, for the most part.

When did they

When did they update the update journal page? I'm so confused I hardly know where to type. The world is upside down.

So anyway, today after work I went to Polks to hang out with my boyz, only to have Dayv totally ditch us, like a chode. Dayv, c'mon, what the fizz?

While there, I got a phone call from Amy for me to go eat bratwurst, so I went and ate some brats and talked with the Fabishes for a while before heading home. An exciting night, I know.

I was expecting

I was expecting Polk to recap at least a section of our awesometastic weekend, but alas, he has not.

Friday was Kouri's night with Blandon and Kristi, where I had a fantastic time and Polk paid, because he is the man. I told him I'd see the stand up show with him if he couldn't find anyone else, otherwise I would just go home and go to sleep. He ended up calling me, and I ended up going, and things went from good to freaking the awesomest night in all of existance ever.

A big thank

A big thank you goes out to my sis for assuming one of my cell phone contracts, saving me $175 and a pain in my ass. She gets a free cell phone and a short contract, and I get my out of jail free card, and it all works out for everyone. A weight off my shoulders, foshizzo.

Tonight was Kouri's with Polk and The Brandon and The Kristi, and later is Jukebox with Polk and the dude from Just Shoot Me, where hopefully I'll see Lenny and get to meet the celebrity up close and personal following the shizzo.

Spent some time

Spent some time with John Zarr looking at his new motorcycle last night. When it started raining, he took off and I took the opportunity to open the windows, enjoy the thunderstorm, and watch Night of the Living Dead. It was a good night.

The shit is

The shit is kind of hitting the fan at work, which means I need to be even more careful about posting stuff here, which means probably more friends-only posts and definitely no posting or looking at LJ from work. It sucks, but I like the job and need the money.

A real post is coming whenever I get the time to do it.