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September 2006

rough few days

Yeah, it's been a rough couple of days for me. Things have been better, but they've also been worse, and I'll end up on my feet just like I always do.

It's this "in the meantime" stuff that really sucks. Waiting for... man. When you're waiting for something and don't even know what you're waiting for, that's the hardest part.


For the past couple years, I've kind of shunned my multimedia roots in favor of web-based stuff. I've read articles and reports and books on PHP, mySQL, CSS, and AJAX. I've focused on making tim.cx as good as it can be, as well as many of the other sites I have a hand in. Lately, I've become pretty passionate about web-based stuff in a way I haven't before. I enjoy it, and I feel like I'm definitely in the right career.

Site-wide commenting and pagination

Man, that took a whole lot longer than I expected it would. But no matter. Site-wide commenting is working, which means it'll be a piece of cake for me (or whoever) to alter the commenting forms and comment adding scripts/methods. Before, each section of the site had it's own comment adding scripts, which meant that every change I made, I had to make 3 times. This new system is much better, although does introduce problems for the administrative features like deleting comments. Those will come.

Commenting DONE, now site-wide integration

I spent the weekend throwing a barbeque (probably the last of the summer), painting my front porch, and working on this blasted site! See, the spam comments got huge and completely out of control, and while some of the spam filtering techniques worked great, it didn't stop 100% of the spam and I got sick and tired of having to delete it all. So this is the current technique of spam filtering:

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