Tim Wasson - web nerd guy.

October 2006


Ya know, as geeky as I am now, I used to be much more so. Back in high school, I used to dream of the day I'd be able to have high speed internet access and constant instant messaging access. Back then, technology seemed to move so stinkin' slow.

Now... notsomuch. My phone came out of the box with access to several instant messaging programs, and I never really use that feature much. WiFi is getting much more widespread, but I don't leave the house with my laptop... well... ever, really.

feeling better.

So, I tell ya what. When life hands ya lemons, you make lemonaide with them. 

I've been more productive, more social, and more who I want to be in the last few weeks. After months of feeling trapped, in a sense, I feel out. Eager to make stuff happen. I'm meeting new people, having a great time, and turning a bad situation (one of the worst) into a great situation.

Anyway, I'm feeling better, and ready to get this nerd blog back on track to nerd stuff instead of complaining stuff.