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January 2007

first bizarre diesel interaction

So I've got my diesel Jetta now, which means more often than not, when I'm pumping my gas I'm off on the far side of the gas station at an older, more worn out pump. Today I got gas on my way to work at the only pump in the gas station to not use one of those fancy automated credit card machines at the actual pump. I went inside to pay and the clerk could not stop asking me questions about maintenance, gas mileage, diesel availability. It was awesome to  have someone interested, but our conversation was tainted by his interesting take on the English language and hard to understand accent.


I guess one of the advantages to this perpetual bachelorhood is that, despite my single-income household, every dime I bring in is MY dime, and I can spend that in whatever way I choose. And lately I've been absolutely itching to buy an LCD TV.

Every time I walk into Circuit City, they're there, taunting me. Promising me higher resolution, brighter colors, less power consumption, the ability to get rid of the huge, clunky entertainment center that currently houses the TV I won for free by selling a lot of cell phones a couple years ago.


Okay, okay. Time for my New Year's resolution.

I was cleaning up my house a little bit yesterday and realized that I don't really act like a normal person most of the time in regards to my house. For example, I'll get the mail when I come inside, but then I just throw it on the table and leave it there for weeks before I finally just toss the entire pile (the logic being that if I haven't needed that stuff for a few weeks, I never will).

2007, BOOM.

Well, 2007 is already off to a great start for my inner tech geek. As expected, Apple released their iPhone... kind of. It doesn't actually hit the streets until June, so I guess it's time to start saving my pennies and bracing myself for the move to Cingular.

I'm not particularly interesting in the Apple TV for some reason. The Mac Geek inside me should have already bought it, but it doesn't do anything my media center doesn't do. Plus I don't have a HD TV to take advantage of the cool stuff. Maybe that should be my next purchase, huh?

Year in Review: 2006

Okay, so 2006 is officially and 2007 is underway. I realize this little blog has kind of turned into a mopefest lately, despite my best attempts to hold off on my bitching and moaning as much as I can. But recapping 2006 will mean basically a lot of complaining. But recap I will.