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February 2007

Horror Stuff

When I was 10, my parents made me watch A Christmas Story with them every single year. If you'd told me back then that someday, I'd be sitting in a bar drinking beer with Scut Farkus, I'm not sure I would have believed you. But then it happened.

new love, new hate.

New love: Dodgeball. New hate: Bowling.

I've been bowling since September now, and the "season" doesn't end until April 16th. I like bowling as much or more than the next guy, but c'mon.. I can't wait until I get my Monday nights back and I can be productive instead of bowling.

But Dodgeball rules. And with only 10 weeks in the season, it seems unlikely I'll get as burned out on it as I did with bowling.

Ah those old

Ah, those old Central Illinois winters are back, like the ones from when I was a kid with several snowfalls. Deep, good snow at that. Winnie is enjoying the hell out of the snow, jumping around like an idiot every time I let her outside. And I'm enjoying it too, especially since this last time I didn't get stuck once and work let out early one day to ensure we'd get home safely. Good times, good times.


Well I drove the Jeep for the first time in months today, bracing myself for this snow fall we're currently in the midst of. When I turned on my defrosters, I saw a small crack spread into a large one from the top of my windshield to the bottom. I guess under normal circumstances this would piss me off, but I'm just excited I get a free windshield out of the deal.

In the negative

On my way to work this morning, my fancy schmance digital thermometer thing read -11. It's ridiculously, dangerously cold out there.

So the Bears lost. I was rooting for them only in the most superficial sense. I mean, I would have preferred that they won of course, but I find it pretty difficult to give a shit one way or the other about sports. So they lost, but life goes on, and I'm completely unaffected by it. Although it was pretty sweet when the Bears scored on the kick off... first time in Superbowl history, I'm told.


It feels good to actually have a "real" winter here again. Snow every few days, bitter cold, ice-scraping every time I want to drive somewhere. Yep, this is a good, midwestern winter after a couple of winters that were way to mild for my tastes.