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December 2008

Christmas 2008

I had a great Christmas. I got everything I wanted and more, and spent time with my friends, family, and loved ones. What more can you ask for? Christmas for me stopped being about gifts a very long time ago, but this was the first Christmas I remember being truly about family.

I bought myself a little present this year, an HD camera that records onto these fancy little cards, making it easier to capture and edit video. Below is the first thing I've made. I don't expect anyone who isn't related to me to enjoy it, but I'm still throwing it out there. Enjoy.


Power Outrage

So, the weekend sucked. It got off to a crappy start on Friday with a massive ice storm, making a chunk of the city completely off limits to a car like mine which is terrible in the snow. Friday also brought with it a "temporary" power outage at my house. They promised it would return by 1PM, so I went about my day, shoveling my driveway and doing various chores that don't require electricity.

Monster Guy Illustration

Yeah, I'm a terrible blogger. It's weird, because I used to be so into blogging and pretending like what I had to say was important, and now that I'm out of the habit I'm WAY out of the habit. Such is life. Once I get rolling on posting the trivial things I do every day, watch out. This blog will be full of fun stories like what I ate for lunch and what kind of junk mail I happened to get that day. But hey, it'll be interesting for someone out there, right? Right?