Tim Wasson - web nerd guy.

June 2009

iPhone 3GS Video

I keep thinking to myself I need to upload more stuff to YouTube. I don't know why. Just a weird motivation to put my stuff out there to the world, but it was always a hassle. Record something with a camera/camcorder, import it to the computer, edit it slightly, log into YouTube, describe and upload. Thankfully my fancy new iPhone 3GS skips all that, and includes a video camera that uploads directly to YouTube without any of the other crappy steps. As a result, you get videos like this.

Redoing an old Bike

When I first went freelance I said one of the reasons I was doing it was to give myself more time for personal projects. So far I've had substantially less time. To that end, I've forced myself to restart a project I got into last summer, which is redoing an old antique bike for Hillary to attach a flowery front basket to and cruise around the neighborhood. i didn't get that far last summer, but I'm hitting it hard this summer to wrap it up.