Tim Wasson - web nerd guy.

September 2010

Two in a Row

 Two days, and two blog posts. Amazing.

With a blog thats updated a little more frequently, it offers the amazing opportunity to ramble on and on about completely unimportant minutia of my day. Right now, my main focus is trying to enjoy coffee. I've always been a little proud of my avoidance of coffee, but at the same time milk a pretty serious addiction to diet soda. With my move into my own personal office space, I get free access to unlimited coffee, which means I've got to try to enjoy it a little more. 

Blog Neglect

 I hate neglecting this blog, but work has definitely taken a front-seat to my entire life. The work-life balance in my freelance career was always nearly impossible for me to get a good grip on, but I've been making some good strides in that arena lately.