Tim Wasson - web nerd guy.

October 2010


I've tried to keep this blog away from delving too far into the life of a freelancer and keep it a little more general into just 'real' life, but I guess that gets more difficult once I realize that freelancing has occupied virtually my entire life for quite some time. Maybe that's why blog entries are few and far between and nearly always mention work and how busy I've been and remain to be.

The big Three One.

 Well, life goes on, I get a year older. Yesterday I hit the big 31, which is sort of a wasted birthday if you ask me. I guess as the years wear on and there's fewer and fewer monumental birthdays, the ones between them lose their appeal. The wife was way more excited about my 31st than I was, and it came and went without any big to-do, which is the way I prefer it.