Tim Wasson - web nerd guy.

June 2012

Baby daddy

It's been a long few weeks, but following the unfortunate demise of my hard drive my little girl, Daisy, was born. 

She's been a great baby so far, leaving me with few complaints that many new fathers have. She sleeps pretty well, relatively speaking, and I've never been a guy who needs lots of sleep anyway. She doesn't cry too much, and she sleeps a lot leaving me plenty of free time as long as I don't wander off too far from her crib or bouncy seat.

Death of an iMac

I've been preoccupied with hobbies lately. I get excited at the prospect of free time and how to fill it being a productive member of society. Unfortunately one of my productive days where I was going to work on my website was thwarted by my iMac's hard drive dying a premature death. I suppose its a good time, right before the baby is born and I'll actually need the computer for loading up photos and videos to annoy friends and family with.