After work on

After work on Friday I went for my little wisdom tooth consultation thingie. I'm bracing myself for the worst, so that hopefully it'll feel like  a non-event when I'm done with the experience. Anyway, so that happens on Thursday. I'm so excited.

I went home and worked out for a while, then met the regular crew plus Joshy Tea at Double A's, where I managed to scarf down a ridiculous amount of pizza. After that, I headed out to The Rave to meet Alan and Angie and see Hitch, which was way funnier than I expected and less girly, too.

Saturday I worked out for about 2 hours, then made a ton of stops trying to find a new countertop and sink for my bathroom. I failed. I'm going to have to special order everything, which I hate doing.

Anyhoo, then I went out for an early dinner with my whole family, including Jack and Peter. Peter is walking so well now, it blows my mind. After that I stopped by Alan's house very briefly for his fried chicken party thing, then went to see The Pacifier (no, I seriously did) with Sarah and Robert. Ya know, the whole idea behind the movie pissed me off, but it had its entertaining moments. Many of them, in fact. I'd probably watch it again, even. My favorite part was when the little girl asked Vin Diesel why his boobs were so big. Something about seeing Vin say "I don't have boobs." cracked me up.

So I went home, and Alan yelled at me from his window to go to his house. I did. A few people there had a bit too much to drink, so I stuck around and played cards until it was time for them to go downtown. I drove a couple people down, then went home and went to bed.

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day. It was amazing. I started the day with my usual work out, then went to buy a badmitton set and get some cheddarwursts. Once Alan had recovered from his hangover, we played some badmitton, ate some cheddarwursts, and played some Texas Hold 'em. The best hand ever was when I was dealt pocket 6's, then flopped a full house. On 4th street, I had a 4 of a kind. For some reason I still don't fully understand, Emily went all in on this hand. I just laughed.

And that was that. Tonight I'm wearing my suit again. I'm pumped.