All sorts

All sorts of fun this weekend. I kicked it off on Friday with a short nap to prepare me for a long night out at Big Al's. I showed up fashionably late as to not be the first creepy guy to show up and sit alone, only to see that everyone else had the same idea except Wolford, who looked so sad and lonely sitting there surrounded by scores of nude women.

The night was fun and I bought Wolfie a lap dance from the crazziest stripper you'll ever see. I'd post some of her craziness here, but it would be deemed nearly pornographic. At around 3:45, I decided my nap wasn't long enough and I needed to get home and sleep ASAP.

Saturday was a ton of cleaning to prepare for our Christmas party. We put the Fryday in Saturday with Alan's turkey frier. It was my first experience making/eating a fried turkey, and I can't wait to do it again. We also had stuffing, mashed potatoes, and other good goodies.

Sunday I woke up early and headed out to my parents house to see my family from Georgia. I came home, cleaned a little from our party, and then met my Georgia family again for lunch. I had a few hours to kill in between the meal and the obligation I got suckered into: babysitting my nephew and his cousins. A few precious hours of my life were spent in complete misery, along with my dad, as we watched 5 children while only being related to one of them. I managed to survive, somehow, and came home to get some much needed sleep.

I can't wait for the holidays to be over. Every night this week is something else and all I wanna do is... well... nothing.

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