All sorts of

All sorts of excitement this weekend. Thursday I went to a baseball game with Jaimee, Mullens, and Anna. It was boring. After the game, we went to see Spiderman 2, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Friday I had my meeting with Iona. I ended up getting a pretty sweet freelancing project, which I worked on on and off for the rest of the weekend. Friday night was Kouri's night with The Brandon and Polk. Later that night I went to Crusens with Fabish, then to rent movie and watch it at his place. I hadn't hung out with the kid for a long time, so it was nice.

Saturday was mostly a lazy until until Robert came to get me to take me to the fireworks at Glen Oak. I think that was the first time I'd ever seen them there, although that seems unlikely. Ah well. It was fun. Saturday night I went to Jimmy's with Alan, Brynn, and Angie.

And Sunday, ah Sunday. I got a call from Mullens asking if I was willing to take voyeuristic photos for him. He's a good friend and all, but there's some things I won't do. Finally he convinced me by giving me the whole story. He was planning on proposing to Anna that day and wanted pictures of the event, but he didn't want her knowing I was taking them. We "cased the joint", as I like to say, and got me all set up. He came back with Anna a little while later, popped the question, and I took a ton of pictures to remember the moment. She didn't see me, and our plan went off without a hitch. And she said yes.

Later that night was the combination 4th of July/engagement party, which was fun. I'd never gotten so much praise for my somewhat amateur photographic skills.

Yesterday I had to help my dad with a bunch of stuff and work on the project for Iona. Sorry Optimus, maybe next weekend.