Alright so first

Alright, so, first things first. My second interview was today and it went pretty well, although not as long as the first one was. I also don't feel quite as good about the second as I did about the first, mostly because of the length. But it was good. I'm particularly encouraged by the director's (and my possible boss') comment as I was leaving that went something like "Good luck, and I really mean that. I'm pulling for you." We'll see what happens.

Second things second, a big group of us (Jaimee, Wolford, Emma, The Brandon, Fabish, and Amy) went to see Dawn of the Dead. Being a huge horror movie fan and a huge fan of the original, I feel I should comment a bit on the movie.

I liked it. I liked it a lot. I thought it was hugely entertaining, and was particularly impressed by the opening sequence of chaos, car crashes, and explosions that happened before the credits. I thought it was executed amazingly well, and choreographed perfectly. The characters were all good and believable in their own canned horror movie character way, and I liked that the zombies were quick and ruthless, very much different from the original Romero version in which they were slow and overwhelmed with numbers rather than speed.

As a zombie movie, I thought it was fantastic. As a "Dead" movie... I was less impressed.

I really wish people could find a happy medium between a frame-by-frame remake like Psycho and one like this one which shared basically no similarities with the first one. None of the characters were the same except in a very vague way. None of the original plot twists and turns of the first occurred here, such as the biker gang and the semis that had to be driven around to block the entrances. I mean, this was at least sort of based on the Romero one, right? They share the same name and Romero is given credit. It seems like it should have been at least kind of similar to the first in terms of characters and plot. I was expecting an updated story... not a completely different story with the same exact name.

But, that said, I really did enjoy it. It was a fun zombie movie, more similar to 28 Days Later than it was to Night, Day, and Dawn of the Dead. For someone that had never seen the first, I think the remake will really please you. For someone who loved the first, don't bother looking for references to the first. I suspect you'll be disappointed.

I saw a poster for Alien vs. Predator, which will kick ass. It's the first of the Jason vs. Freddy inspired "vs." movies. My prediction: There will be many more.