Alright so this

Alright, so, this weekend. It was good. I had fun.

Friday was dinner with the usuals at Hofbrau, this time joined by Jill who was a newbie to the Friday night experience. Polk and I got shuffled around a bit and ended up at the bar. On the way out, someone who worked there asked if we were twins. It was awesome. I went home and started watching TV and falling asleep on my couch when Emily came over with beer. We drank and watched TV together until Alan got home. Then I went to sleep.

Saturday Alan, Emily and I went running some errands and such before going to a benefit dinner for the Steam Fitters or some such thing. I ran into a lot of people I knew, and it was good to see Jenny and Ben and Jamie again for the first time in a long time. Oh yeah, I also went to The Home Show with my parents earlier in the day.

Yesterday I went bowling and got an astounding 177! This was despite a pool of sticky shit that all of us had to side step while approaching the lane. Then we went to Old Chicago and then home. I managed to eat none of the chicken finger appetizers and only 2 pieces of pizza. That's willpower. As a result, I'm 215 today. That means I lost 13 pounds in February, although ended the month just 7 pounds lighter than when I started it.

I don't think I'll have a theme for March since I can't think of a good one and I suck at keeping up with them anyway.