another redesign

Yeah, I changed designs. Again. I know there's bigger and better things I need to be working on, including 2 web-based business ideas and fixing up my house and spending time with the girlfriend and juggling in a little beer drinking and TV watching in there too. It was one of my resolutions to finish more projects that I start, and to be more productive during the day. I'm doing pretty good at both of those, but at the expense of some time with friends and some time watching movies. has never had a "finished" design, and it's time I finish it up. I guess it was easier just starting from scratch rather than finishing up the "crumpled paper" theme I'd already gotten tired of.

But, the good news is that this redesign was handled with 1 simple style sheet and a handful of images. That means I did a pretty darn good job of making the site relatively easy to skin and change. All it took was 1 file to completely change the look of all of Not too shabby.