Because I rule so much...

Start with this here post you're reading right now, I'm no longer posting exclusively to LiveJournal. That's right, I'm making the jump into full-geekdom with my own "written from scratch" blog hosted on my own servers. I yanked a PHP script to synch LJ and have modified it slightly to work on my blog, allowing me to post to both at once. Starting sometime at a later date, I'm going to work on a script to import all my old LJ posts into this new format, too.

So, why am I doing this? Well, obviously I'm still posting to/reading LJ because of all my friend who use the service. I'm not going to ask everyone to go to my site when they're already going to LJ, right? Right.

But I also sometimes have the urge to post about shit that no one on my friends list would care about, like graphic/web design related nonsense and the occassional technology/geek/computer related rant, and even weight loss/fitness/dieting stuff. So that stuff won't be cross posted, but instead given a category on my new blog just like how all the "real" geeks out there have.

Anyway, so that's that. I'm still working the bugs out of the blog script and still need to add commenting ability and categories, and somehow figure out how to sort the entries by date in an archive type scenario. Out of all this PHP stuff I've been learning, the hardest damn part is the date functions.