Been a busy

Been a busy week for yours truly, filled with lots of working, mostly. For the most part, these have been uneventful days, except for fighting off a bad case of stomach cancer (don't worry, it was only temporary), and a psycho after my girlfriend's heart.

I would like to mention a night out on the town followed by being pulled over by some cop hoping to give me a DUI or something. It was Thursday night and once again I was playing designated driver once again to a few of my peeps. Okay, I was playing driver to Mullens. We ended up down at Jimmy's at around 12:30. Fuller was there. Which meant, of course, that I didn't stay too long. At around 1, I decided to make my exit. After pulling out of Jimmy's I made it roughly 4 feet before I saw the sirens pulling me over.

My car was like a ticking time bomb with those old ass plates and the old ass registration. I had gotten the new plates, sure, but I think they're ugly and haven't put them on. And yeah, my car is registered with the state of Illinois because I am a good, responsible car owner. The fuckin' piggy pulls me over and asks for my license, registration, and insurance card. Long story short, I could only produce my license.

He goes back to his car, types in his little fucking computer and sees my car is registered. So, he gives me a ticket for not displaying said registration. Like a dick. I paid my $80, god damn it, and now I pay $75 more because I didn't display my receipt properly? Fuck the po-lice.

And not only that... my lack of insurance card also earned me a $750 ticket (yikes), and a mandatory court appearance. My complete disregard of changing the address on my license earned me a warning. So I guess he wasn't as big a dick as he could have been, but he could have let me off with a warning being's how I was registered, insured, not speeding, not drunk, and haven't had a ticket in like 4 years.

Anyhoo, that was the downside of my post-less days, I guess. The $750 will be striken from the 'ole record books once I can show the court proof that I am, in fact, insured, but I'm most definitely stuck with paying the $75 ticket for registration. Not the end of the world, but it does hurt the 'ole pocket book, especially considering I'm not the most well off I've ever been, financially speaking.

The holiday season is earning my fat commission. It's nice. My credit card bills thank the loyal cell phone subscribers.

I'm hungry.

the end.