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Below is a completely random picture of Bryan J.

So, yesterday the pain in my belly hit the "constant and unignorable" type of pain, prompting a trip to the doctor's office. He basically pushed on my belly in a few painful areas, then told me I had a torn muscle. What about the possibility of infection, I asked, noting my fever and 2 sicknesses that happened in relatively close proximity to this? "No diarrhea means no infection," He replied. But why is it getting worse instead of better if its just a pulled muscle, I inquired. "Because your belly is impossible to rest. If you're pooping normal, you're fine. Take some pain reliever. Now pay me huge amounts of money for my trouble."*

So he ended up giving me some pills that let me sleep through the night yesterday, which was pretty awesome. Then I came home and finished up my last portrait of the season. Praise the Lord that we're too close to Christmas for me to accept any more of those stupid things. I got burnt out pretty quickly on them, although the money was pretty good.

Edit - I had this truly bizarre dream last night. Those who know me best know that the only real nightmares I have involve me killing someone, either accidently or on purpose, and having to cover it up while the police are hot on my trail. The thought of that just terrifies me. There's also a variation that someone I know kills someone and I have to help that person cover it up.

Anyway, I had another one last night that was way more vivid and realistic than I like to admit. It involved a guy I work with who accidently crushed his baby when the baby wouldn't stop crying. We had to dig the baby out of a shallow grave and re-hide it since the police were on to the guy who did it. With the help of Fabish and Mullens, who I'm still not sure how they were involved, we dug up a baby's corpse and transported in to an old, broken down church and hid the body there. The rest of the dream dealt with running from the cops and trying to keep my co-worker from freaking out. At one point I ended up walking in on a conversation between Mullens and Fabish discussing whether they should turn in me and my co-worker. At that point, they said I could confess with them and we'd just turn in the guy I worked with. In real life, I don't see how this would have even been a decision. I would have turned in the guy long before I ever helped him dig up a body, but in my dream it was a real dilemma for me. I woke up in a cold sweat and praised the Lord it was just a nightmare. I get these 2 or 3 times a year, I'd say, and they never stop scaring the hell out of me.


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