big step forward, small step back

So, the archiving of old entries works again, leaving the only thing left to work out for is category sorting, comment implementation into moblog/picture gallery, and RSS. Then, done. Oh, little tweaks to make it look better. THEN it's done.

Since getting my new MacBook, I've had this non-spoken rule to not run anything on it that isn't Universal Binary. Of course I had to break that rule nearly immediately by running Photoshop, since let's face it, I can't do web or design work without Photoshop. But I'm left without my precious Dreamweaver, which allowed me to work remotely, uploading my PHP when I save it, which really made my work go faster. I'm back to the good 'ole days of editing, firing up FTP, and uploading, then reloading. I miss the Dreamweaver days when I just had to hit F12 to have it all done for me automatically. But I digress.

I'm now using Taco HTML Edit so it colors my code in pretty ways that are easier for me to read. Then I use Cyberduck to upload. It's free and it works, but it's less than ideal and I can't wait to go back to my Dreamweaver once it runs a little better on Intel Macs.

Anyway, the REAL point to this is that for some reason Taco puts weird characters into some documents, like the style sheet, which is actually what inserts that sweet double arrow thing in front of the blog titles. So I need to figure out that deal. For now, all my blog titles will have the weird A thing and the double arrow.