Big TV

Yeah, I went out and did it.

In Circuit City when you're looking at several walls of televisions, 50" for a TV seems pretty reasonable. 42" looked tiny in comparison. So I went for the 50".

In my basement, however, 50" looks ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS, in a very good way. It's huge. It's beautiful.

I've spent a long time looking at these TVs, checking out their falling prices and improving specs, and I finally got into a place where I could afford it, financially speaking, and am fairly confident there's not going to be any huge leaps in technology or huge price drops in the next couple of years. Small ones, sure, but that's to be expected.

So now I've got my huge TV that I'll be watching during my little vacation next week, where my goal is at least 3 horror movies every single day until Halloween.

I really want to go home and watch my TV now.