For a bit

For a bit of explanation on my adventures yesterday...

I knew that 2 of my new tires had a bit of a slow leak and would need some inflation before driving to work. So I woke up early and, since it was still raining, pulled the Jeep into the garage to inflate. I plugged in my handy cigarette-lighter air compressor and let it do its thing as I went in and prepared for my day. At some point I had to go out and switch tires since 2 were low. Everything seemed fine and dandy.

So finally the tires are inflated fully and it's time to go. I hop in and try to start the car. Nope. Try again. Even less results than the first time. Crap.

So I tried calling my dad who hadn't gotten to work yet, and his cell phone was off. I tried calling Mullens who was hungover and lacking jumper cables. Angie wasn't answering her phone.

I took some time to push the Jeep out of the garage all by myself, which was quite a task and my entire body is sore today because of it. I kept trying to call people, only to get voicemail everywhere I called.

Finally Angie called me back. She had jumper cables and could be at my place in a couple of minutes. She came over and we tried to jump the car. Nope. The battery was toast, toast, toast. She drove me to work.

So at work I tried calling people to see if I could get another ride home as to not inconvenience Angie twice in a day. Unfortunately, no one else was available and I didn't read about Polk's offer until it was far too late. So Angie picked me up and took me to get another battery. Almost $70 later I'm back at home. Thankfully I didn't have to push the Jeep back into the garage since, somehow, it turned out to be a beautiful night that night. The battery was the original and therefore almost 8 years old, and it was grimy and disgusting, and changing it with the rusted bolts and brackets was... well, unpleasant. Plus the new battery was about half an inch taller than the old one, forcing me to beat the bracket into shape with a hammer until it fit. Finally it fit, the Jeep roared to life once it had evacuated the gas that had flooded the engine while I was trying unsuccessfully to start it.

As a thank you to Angie for taking me to work and picking me up and taking me to get a battery, I offered to buy her dinner which she took me up on. The hitch was that dinner was at Shots, a podunk crap bar in Kickapoo, for her aunt's divorce party. It was actually fun. Her family is a blast.

I was home by 8:00 or so and retarded tired. I was in bed by 8:30. I'd had a long day.

I missed part of the first episode of Battle of the Sexes 2. I forgot to set my DVR for an hour instead of half an hour. How disappointing.