Black Christmas

Okay, Christmas Day was a little... well... different, yet still very familiar. I was glad my parents didn't subject me to a Christmas photo of me sitting by myself. That's a little embarassing.

I got a bunch of stuff I didn't want to buy myself, like socks and underwear and clothes for work. It was an excellent Christmas.

So last night Hill and I went to see Black Christmas, only to find that the movie had been yanked from Nova Cinemas due to a fight breaking out in the theater for some reason. I was stoked for the movie already, but this made it seem even cooler. So we headed to another theater, lucked out with the starting time, and settled in for what was possibly the awesomest Christmas related slasher movie of all time.

I'll save my full review for my awesome internet show, but I will say that it was not your typical PG-13 rated piece of crap that Hollywood has been churning out lately. It was a real horror with  blood, guts, nudity, and a crazy guy eating eyeballs. I haven't seen the original Black Christmas, but now I feel like I have to hunt it down.