Bunnies, Hoops, and GPS

My pet bunnies are growing at an astounding rate. They're starting to not freak out when I come to visit them, and their eyes are open and they seem very mobile. I'm worried about one of their legs though. It always looks a little crooked, and I'm worried my dog crippled a little bunny. If I see him hopping around in circles in my yard, I'm taking him in and raising it as my own.

I got to eat at Hoops with Polk and The Brandon last night. I ate half a pizza. It was delicious. I'd missed them dearly in the past few weeks that our Fridays didn't work out due to our busy schedules.

I also got a fancy GPS unit to help me on my runs. Its absolutely the awesomest little device you'll ever see. It COMMUNICATES WITH SATELLITES IN OUTER SPACE. Maybe I'm a huge nerd, but that fact that I'm wearing a largish watch that talks to 3 or more satellites located in outer space to track my position down to a few feet is amazing. The fact that it cost only $85 blows my mind. I can even set up a virtual running partner, whose pace I can set. When my running partner pulls ahead, my little watch will beep and show an animation of a little stick figure pulling ahead of my little stick figure, and it will tell me exactly how many feet of me my opponent is. It also tracks my time and distance and pace, and stores years worth of information on the little doohickey so I can review and see if I'm improving over a couple of months. For $85! Its my new favorite gadget. I was too full to actually run last night, so I just took a walk to Angie's, but left when I realized she was watching Miss Congeniality 2, but not before I set my little GPS opponent to walk slightly faster than I walked there. And I beat my little digital opponent by 140 feet during my walk home, because I rule that much.

This has been a boring post. I can't apologize enough.