Comic book status

Comic book status update:

Completely, 100% finished. Done. Pencilled, inked, scanned, converted, scripted. The artwork turned out... strange, for lack of a better word. I worked actual size, which never happens in comics. Then, I scanned the art and converted it to vectors, to allow for dark blacks and crisp lines. Then, I simplified the lines to see what would happen. The result: unusual, but I actually really like it. Some things came through looking perfect, others (usually small details) got distorted and just look... wrong. But I like it. I think it works for the story, but some people may be put off by it.

Tomorrow I'm formatting it and getting it ready to print. I'm heading to Kinko's and printing up 5 or 6 copies. 1 will go in a submissions package to Diamond to see if I can get distributed, and the other 4 will go to people who may be interested in seeing it. It's an exciting time, or something.