Drunkest Day of the Year

Thanksgiving Eve is well known as one of the drunkiest days of the year. I guess its because everyone is home for the weekend, so its a chance to get together and celebrate with friends. Oh, and there's also that one doesn't need to wake up early the next morning to go to work.

As a freelancer who never has to wake up early, the sleeping in part doesn't appeal to me. As someone who lives in the city I was born and raised in, the "coming home" part doesn't really appeal to me. Still, it's a drinking holiday, and even though I wasn't drinking I also wasn't about to just stay home and work.

I slacked off a little, despite a pile of work that needed to get done to feel good about taking the next few days off. But hey, this is why the life of a freelancer is a great one, right? I can slack off a little during the day and spend time with friends, then hit the computer and get some work done after everyone else is asleep. It's just after midnight and I'm tying up the loose ends so that I'm not too worried about ignoring clients over the next couple of days.

My diet is going poorly. After the holidays, maybe?