This entry will

This entry will be a rant.

So, I don't expect every guy off the street to understand exactly what my job is. I don't expect people to understand when I start talking about ActionScripting and mySQL databases. But any amateur in Photoshop should have at least a vague idea of what it means when I say "dpi". It's not a complicated concept.

The "graphic designers" I work with have no idea what that phrase means.

Julie, otherwise known as Captain Worthless, asked me to format a photo for her. She needed it 3"X4", 300 dpi. The image I gave her was 900 pixels by 1200 pixels. Upon opening it, she told me it was 72 dpi and she needed 300. I told her she was fucking ignorant, in so many words.

The point of this somewhat nerdy rant is that I hate who I work with. I hate that they call themselves and, worse, think themselves graphic designers. I know I'm not a graphic designer. I'm a web and multimedia designer, and yet I have a much more firm grasp on resolution and printing concepts than they do, which is so wrong to me. I find myself doing their jobs more often, and the jobs that they're assigned usually have notes on them that I'm supposed to provide a general design, or an illustration, or graphic elements. Meanwhile I have a stack of my own work to get through.

It's getting more frustrating every day. I suspect that the powers that be know what's happening, as every week something with my "style" of design gets approved and theirs gets rejected. I suppose it's good and I should be flattered, but if I'm going to be the only designer, I should get paid like it. Not just get more and more work for the same amount of dough.

But, it is a good job, despite that. I hope they put one or both of them on permanent file duty and hire a real graphic designer. Someone I can talk to about design and someone who will take some of my workload and allow me to work on web stuff, like I'm supposed to be.

End rant. Over and out.