So the last horror conventions Wolfie and I have been to were all work, no play. We had our camera out a lot and constantly badgered people for interviews and promoting. I'm not sure if it makes me even more of a geek to say that I worked very little (okay, none) at this one and had such a great friggin' time.

Friday we just took a quick lap around the convention center, then Hill and I took off into the city and visited a neat little novelty shop that she knew of (I bought a sweet retro looking walking robot toy) and ate dinner at a local pub. Then we hopped back on the train and got back just in time to see Freddy vs. Jason at the outdoor movie screening, presented by Freddy and Jason themselves. There were also clips from Hatchet, the upcoming flick from Adam Green, which I'm super pumped about.

Saturday was the longest day. We woke up bright and early to stand in line and get our pictures taken with Robert Englund (Freddy) and Heather Langenkamp (Nancy). We killed a few hours by wandering around, buying junk we don't need, talking to people, and just taking in the sights. The question and answer panels started shortly afterwards, so we got to see the Nightmare on Elm Street Reunion, Nightmare 3 reunion, Lloyd Kaufman, and of course the Hatchet panel.

Hill and I took off to get her all zombied out for the pin-up contest. I maintain that she finished in 4th place, but only the top 3 were given prizes. The judges were celebrities (or at least pseudo-celebs), so I know for sure that my girlfriend was checked out by Michael Berryman, the creepy dude from Hills have Eyes, Weird Science, etc. Cool.

Okay, so immediately after the zombie pin-up competition, there was a haunted house.

The highlight of the haunted house trip was getting back on the bus to go back to the convention and seeing my first real-life iPhone, carried by Joleigh Fioreavanti. I asked nicely if I could play with it, and she handed it over without a second thought and I played with the dumb thing for probably too long. She didn't seem to mind. So my first iPhone experience was with the costar of a highly anticipated horror film, which is just so freaking awesome.

Immediately after that was the reception, where I got to drink beers in the presence of many celebrities. The only ones I really talked to were Charles Fleisher and Ken Kirzinger. But still, it was weird just looking over and seeing the stars of some of my favorite movies standing there.

Then was the outdoor screen of Nightmare on Elm Street, and we took our seats and I put both my arms out over the chairs surrounding me. Hill took her place on one of the seats, but my other arm just sat there on an empty seat, hoping it would stay empty. Instead, Lisa Wilcox came in and filled that seat. It was just so weird to (briefly) have my arm around Alice, the girl who beat Freddy twice (thanks for that bit of trivia, Wolfie).

Anyway, we didn't stay to watch the whole thing... we went in and grabbed some dinner and some drinks, and stayed there drinking and having a great time for a couple more hours.

We woke up bright and early on Sunday, met Robert Englund and Heather Langenkamp, got our free autographs, and took off shortly afterward. Lucy's first birthday party was that day, and to be honest I was mostly horrored out after the weekend.

Pictures coming soon.