foot in mouth disease

Well, this weekend is another out-of-town, vacation type weekend. It'll be less fun than the others, though. I'll be waking up early tomorrow, loading my ass into a crowded minivan and sitting there for 8 hours on a little trip to Missouri.

So I'll be visiting family there along with my family. It'll be a fun trip, but I'm a little worried about sleeping accommodations. It probably won't be comfortable, but I'm fairly sure I'll make it through the weekend alive and well.

So to kill time I'll have my sketch book, computer, iPod, and of course, episodes of Loveline! That's right, through a little bit of generosity, luck, and persistence, I went ahead and downloaded 185 episodes of Adam Carolla Loveline goodness. About half are episodes I've listened to before, but whatever... now I've got them and I won't make the mistake of deleting them again. I'll now archive them myself so that if another emergency like this happens again, I'll be prepared.

Anyway, life rolls on.