Free as a bird

Another busy weekend in the bag.

Hill was on call or otherwise preoccupied, leaving me to my own devices for the entire weekend. I took advantage of my alone time with a bunch of horror movies, watched while in my boxers of course, and ordering some pizza.

Saturday I spent the majority of the day at a friend's house, clearing out a basement and ripping out carpeting, and then ripping out the tile underneath the carpet that we didn't even know was there. I politely bowed out of their plans to go boozing downtown, since I had a couple horror flicks at home I hadn't quite digested yet.

Sunday was the first game in the Fall Dodgeball League, which was awesome. We won 3 out of 5 on the first night putting us almost at our record for the entire last season. It's fun to win, don't get me wrong, but stressful to actually care about the outcome rather than just assume we'll lose. And I had my 1 awesome move, getting a guy out right at the buzzer, keeping us in the game (sort of).

After that was dinner with Fabish, who I don't see nearly often enough. The weekend was also sprinkled with phone calls to Polk, who I don't talk to nearly often enough.

And my house is selling today, which is the second huge boulder off my shoulders. Ah, I'm free as a bird now, and it feels fantastic!