Friday was the

Friday was the first Kouri's night with the gang in a long time. Good times. Saturday I washed and waxed Jeepy, and Sunday I watched a few movies with Jaimee and went out with Alan, Angie, and Mullens for a couple brews and hot wings.

A trip to the grocery store with Jaimee prompts me to ask the following question: When will the shaving innovations stop? I mean, seriously. First, we just had straight razors. That was fine for a couple hundred years or so. Then we shorted the blade and put a different handle on it. Then 2 blades. Then electric. But not just 1 kind of electric, 2 different kinds. Then 3 blades. Then the electric one that shoots gel on your face while you shave. Then 4 blades. Now the hybrid electric-vibrating Mach3. Do we really need all these choices for something as simple as removing hair from our faces? It seems like all these genius engineers could be working on an alternative to gasoline engines or something important rather than another way to shave.

We had an earthquake last night. That doesn't happen often in Illinois.