Getting back in shape

For the past year or so, I've always had excuses to not to work out. But, for me, working out is so important to not becoming a fatty again. Over the past 2 years I've slowly grown back out of some of my clothes, and some that used to be loose and comfortable were becoming tight. So, I've finally got my blog up and going to post about the trials and tribulations of re-losing weight.

A few years ago when I was at my absolute heaviest, I started a website to post updates on my weight. In the year or so that I maintained it, I collected a lot of followers who loved watching my progress, sending encouraging emails and photos. I went from 260 to 180 in about a year, but ever since have gone back and forth and back and forth. I'm now back up to around 220, and have really been struggling to drop down to a weight thats more comfortable and more healthy. But I keep battling my way to looser pants.

I've started running again, and was pleased to see how quickly I progressed back to running 4-5 miles at a time. Granted, I run them much slower than before, but at least I'm doing it. The main source of inspiration right now is a 5 mile run that Hill signed us up for along side her aunt and uncle. I'm entirely convinced I can run the 5 miles, but it will be much slower than I'm used to.

Anyway, I hope to start making my weight loss part of this blog to keep myself a little more motivated. There's nothing worse than one of those people who is losing weight and can't stop talking about it, so if you hate those people as much as I do feel free to skip the posts labeled "weight loss". I won't be offended.