Green Day

So, it's Blog Action Day where we bloggers are supposed to unite and talk about some specified topic. This year, the topic is doing our part for the environment. So this little post will be about the small things I do to help out the environment. None are huge on their own, but if everyone took these steps I think the world would be a cleaner place.

  • Don't take bags from stores when you don't need them. If you are going to need a bag, take your own. If you have to take the store's bag, don't throw it away before re-using it for some purpose (packing material, picking up dog shit, whatever).
  • Don't buy bottled soda or water. That bottle of water you just bought was packaged somewhere else and transported via semi to wherever you bought it from. Invest in a Pur water system or something and refill the old bottles until you can't refill them anymore. It saves money and saves the gas it takes for the truck to deliver the water. Same with soda... go with the fountain soda when you can.
  • Drive your crappy SUV off an overpass. Your huge piece of crap car is a burden to the environment and your wallet. Trade it on on a hybrid, diesel, or, if all else fails, a small, economical car which gets good mileage. You won't miss your dumb monstrosity of a crap vehicle.
  • Combine trips. Don't go to the store, then go home, then to Target. Make it all in one trip.
  • Buy a bike. If you're anything like me, you'll be surprised at how many times you do something 1 or 2 miles away. A bike will take you a mile in 7 or 8 minutes without trying too hard, and you'll be getting in shape in the process.
  • Take showers with your significant other. You'll be saving water and having a great time, too.

My point in this whole "saving the environment" thing is that it doesn't take a huge change in lifestyle to have a positive impact. Smaller changes still definitely add up, and any little bit helps.