Here's a completely

Here's a completely nerd type entry that is entirely skippable.

So work continues on It's only negative is that the PHP stuff for it makes it so easy to update, I'm imagining it growing to huge amounts of data that doesn't really have an audience. But it's fun, and I'm enjoying the process. Especially the moblog, which actually stores the pics I send on my server for easy back up.

Speaking of which, I had to get my old moblog's pictures for a back up. It seemed like it was going to be a huge, time consuming process, until I discovered an extension for FireFox that would download an entire site at once. And it was quick and easy.

I hadn't bothered downloading FireFox until then, because I'm a slacker and IE was good enough. Let me say, it is well worth the rave reviews it gets. It launches a tad slower than IE, but displays web sites much faster and much cleaner most of the time. It imported all my history, favorites, cookies, and passwords, so the transition was seemless and excellent. Everyone should totally download FireFox. It will change your life*.

Tonight is bowling, which will rock. I've lost 16 pounds since vacation, which rocks. I'm lifting again, which makes my muscles hard like rocks. The Rundown stars The Rock. I like music, especially rock.

And now I'm done.

  • downloading FireFox will not change your life.