Horror Stuff

When I was 10, my parents made me watch A Christmas Story with them every single year. If you'd told me back then that someday, I'd be sitting in a bar drinking beer with Scut Farkus, I'm not sure I would have believed you. But then it happened.

But Scut Farkus wasn't the only part Zack Ward has played. Wolford and I were more interested in his parts in Resident Evil 2, Freddy vs. Jason, BloodRayne 2, and of course the new live-action Transformers movie. He was a super cool guy. After talking to us on camera for our podcast, we met him in the bar and had a couple beers with him. He even brought over Joe Lynch, director of Wrong Turn 2, to join us in a couple of delicious brews.

I took a brief time-out from the fun at the table to do a short interview with David Arquette, who was equally accomodating and awesome to us and our little internet show. Everyone we met was totally cool and seemed interested in our little low-budget show, and I think we made some good contacts and I'm a little closer to my goal of showing up somewhere in a horror flick.

Anyway, it was a great weekend, but a little surreal sometimes. We got Lloyd Kaufman on tape being his good 'ole Lloyd Kaufman self and pimping out the site hardcore. David Arquette yelling at me for asking him to say the name of our site. And of course Scut Farkus calling me a pussy over and over because I prefer Superman to Batman. It was totally freaking awesome.