Hot Wings and Robots

All day on Friday I had looked forward to dinner with the boyz. My only cheating meal of the week... my only guilt-free escape from my horrible diet. Alas, this week it was not meant to be, as Polk got some unidentifyable illness.

Still, it was a good weekend. After work on Friday I headed out to pick up my nephew, then out to see Robots with him, Angie, and Angie's little cousin. It was a very decent flick that everyone seemed to enjoy. As we returned the children to their rightful owners, I got the bad news that dinner was canceled. Angie and I decided to get some pizza and wings, as to not lose the 1 guilt-free awesome meal I get every week. We headed to Gorman's.

Alan met us there and I stuffed myself silly with high calorie and low vitamin food, and it was delicious.

Afterwords, Alan was having a poker nightish type thing at his house. I performed embarassingly bad in the first round, but got better as everyone else got drunker. Around 11, I drove everyone downtown and drove myself home and went to bed.

Saturday I jogged an extra long time, then spent the rest of the day tinkering with various projects and playing with my dog. Sunday was more of the same.