How well job interviews go when you assume you don't have the job.

So, I went in for my 2nd interview at the print place today. It went fairly well with the exception of salary talks. The manager of the place told me that they would offer me $9/hour to start, with the promise that I would move up to $10 within 2 months. He made sure to mention that $9/hour is a very fair rate for the job I would be doing. At that point, I said "Well, that's just not enough. Thanks for your time, though." and I got up to leave. He stopped me, saying that the owner and president of the company wanted to talk to me.

So he leaves and the owner comes in. We just have a pleasant conversation where he asks me what I want to do with my life. I told him I wasn't quite sure, but I wanted to own my own business, maybe with a few parters, where we actually created and sold something, whatever that "something" turned out to be. He was kind of pressing me for information, and finally said "So, if this job is in no way related to what you want to do for the rest of your life, why are you applying for it?" I answered "I'm broke. I have credit card bills and need to pay the rent." He replied "Thank you for not bullshitting me. That's the answer I expected."

We talked a bit more and he mentioned the direction he wanted the company to take. In addition to keeping their print services, he also wanted to expand into graphic design and illustration. He needed someone to work there who already knew about these, but he didn't have anyone. He asked if I would be open to that position. I said absolutely. Unfortunately, that position is only a possibility, and it's not even a possibility for a few more months. But, regardless, he said "Would $10/hour keep you working here until that position opened up?" to which I replied "No. I'm not sure I could even support myself on $10/hour for a couple months." "So what would happen if we hired you at $10/hour?" "Well, I'd keep looking for another job that paid better, and I'd leave when I found it."

He seemed to like the fact that I wasn't just blowing smoke up his ass to get myself the job. At that point he asked me how much it would take to hire me and keep me there until the graphic design thing panned out. I told him $12 or $13/hour. He didn't seem to put off by that figure, wrote it down, and just continued to chat with me. He asked me how $13/hour compared to my pay at Iona, and I told him it was significantly less. I think he realizes that hiring someone with my background into a company who is making the dive into graphic design is a smart, smart move. Hopefully he also realizes that paying me what I'm asking for is a bargain. We'll see what happens, and in the mean time, I'm still looking for another job.

I also have to work about 1,000 hours at the gallery today for the hospital job. That will be so much fun I can't handle it! YAY!