Human decency

Biting my tongue. Biting. It's bleeding. I'm trying to be mature.

Anyhoo, things have never been better in Wassonland. Last night Hill and I went out to celebrate a couple of big steps in our lives... me going back down to just 1 mortgage and 1 set of bills every month, and her newfound freedom to find a job that will suit her a little better.

Tonight is another celebration... my first solo show followed by a little chat with an entrepreneur in the podcasting world who may be able to help me take my show to the next level, introduce me to hundreds of thousands of listeners, get me sponsored, and more. This will be a great opportunity for me and the show. Cross your fingers that our little chat goes well.

Tomorrow is another celebration. And this weekend, yet another. Yes, things are going good and I get to spend all my time surrounded by friends and family who hate drama as much as I do. I'm so blessed and lucky to have these people in my life.