I got to

I got to sleep in nice and late on Good Friday, then went for my 3 mile jog. I like to take along Winnie, but by the end of the second mile, she's about ready to quit. I have to leave her at home now, which breaks my heart. Anyway, after the jog I went to Mullens' house and helped lay and cut some ceramic tile... a job I thought would be about a 2 on the sucky scale, but it turned into about an 8.

That night I headed to the Penguin Tap to meet Polk, Jess, Brandon, and Kristi. Wolfie was late. I ate my awesome pizza but still left hungry, as that was the only real meal I'd eaten since last Friday. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but dieting sucks. A lot. I wasn't home for long before heading to Alan's house and wasting some time before Fabish called. When he did, I headed down to meet him and some strange girls at Sullivan's. Fabish and I chatted and left the girls alone for the most part.

Saturday I woke up and jogged, then took Winnie for a nice long walk to make up for jogging without her. Wolfie came over a little while later and we watched some of the worst horror movies ever made. He left, and I did absolutely nothing the rest of the night.

And now its Sunday. I took my morning jog and then a long bike ride since it was such a beautiful day. Now I'm wasting time before seeing The Ring 2, with Wolfie and some other people. I'm not entirely sure who else is going.