I have a

I have a small yard, but managed to collect 9, yes NINE huge bags of leaves. Yes, my free time this weekend was mostly spent raking. It was beautiful outside though, so it's hard to complain.

On Friday I had dinner with the regular crew, followed by The Incredibles with Angie. I must say that The Incredibles rocked my nuts off, even though it annoyed me the entire time that I couldn't place Mr. Incredible's voice. I kept thinking it was Harrison Ford. It was actually Craig T. Nelson for those out there who will see it. Now you don't have to wonder the whole time like I did.

Last night was Angie's mom's birthday bash, so I made the trek out there for free steak and cake. That should be the name of a restaurant. Steak 'n Cake. Or maybe Steak 'n Shake 'n Cake. Nice.

Fact: Despite my credit card debt and tendency to buy expensive toys on credit, I'm actually really good with my money. I never bounce checks or miss payments, ever. My credit is excellent. I even have a 401K and Roth IRA for when I'm old and cranky and don't want to work anymore.

Memory: In high school at one of my geeky band performances, Mullens, Olsson and I decided we were hungry. We put our instruments down and walked to a nearby Subway for some sandwiches. The only reason anyone noticed we were gone was because we missed the last song and as the band packed up, they noticed Olsson's tuba unattended. Olsson was then forced to rat out Mullens and I, but the only punishment was a little bit of yelling in front of the rest of the band. It was worth it.