I just talked

I just talked to the guy at The Screen Savers again. Apparently my project is still on a waiting list to be approved or shot down. I don't know when I'll hear anything, but hopefully soon. I'm getting anxious.

The house situation is annoying. We're almost definitely going to get a "yes", but now interest rates are climbing again. If the bank would just hurry up, we'd be scott free.

Tax day today. Don't forget, kiddies.

So, yesterday I was "officially" off the shitty diet from hell, even though I hadn't really been sticking to it very loyally for the entire 3rd week. To celebrate, me, Alan, Brynn, Angie, Carissa, and Stephanie all partied hearty all day long. Well, most everyone came and went at different points in the day/night, but it was still fun. I got a sun burn, as per usual. We bowled. I got a 122 and a 117. We ate a lot. Too much. Way, way too much. I may or may not have been hit on by the waitress at Hooters. She was paying a lot of attention to me, but she also kept mentioning her boyfriend. I suspect she was just fishing for a tip.

Anyway, in the "too much information" side of things, I woke up about 4 times last night to take a crap, and topped it off this morning with the crap to end all craps. I think my entire intestines and stomach were just full of food, after being relatively empty of food for the past 3 weeks. Anyway, the pressure on my belly and intestines was ridiculously uncomfortable, and as I sat on the toilet I knew that I was not only going to poo, I was going to barf. I kind of leaned most of the way towards my sink while nasty brown junk shot out of both ends of my body. The worst part of the process was cleaning up the puke I couldn't get washed down the drain, which consisted of half-digested curly fries and some seseme seeds. Yum. I hope you all have enjoyed my story.