I think once

I think once again I'm addicted to selling stuff on eBay. It's good, because it gets a lot of junk out of my life and a lot of money in my pocket, but then I get obsessed with looking at all my auctions constantly. I think I'm going to put up all my old VHS movies this week sometime.

I think I lost all the portraits I did when my reformatted my computer and my backed up DVDs were corrupt. That sucks because it will make it hard to beg for business this year. I haven't given up all hope yet, and actually have 1 or 2 lined up already.

Fact: Every time I'm at a gas station or grocery store, I secretly check to see if they've brought back my good 'ole Mr. Pibb and gotten rid of the horrible Pibb Xtra replacement. I've had no luck so far.

Memory: New Years 2003, I saw both Alan's sister's and Alan's girlfriends boobs in the same night. Wolfie missed it because he was running around the building half naked. Later I yelled at Alan's sister for taking her own backpack.