I was supposed

I was supposed to go to Madison today with Mullens to help him "set up" a Verizon store up there. That basically means hanging signs and mounting shelves. I helped him with 2 of the stores in Peoria free of charge, but for this one it would be a paying gig... $150. Not too shabby for a day's work. But, that has been cancelled, which shouldn't really come as a surprise to those of you following my financial life as of late (read: broke all the time and all potential jobs fall through). I really need to get this illustrator position at Pudik.

Mullens just bought a house that needs new windows, so he called my uncle's siding and window company to get a quote. He mentioned that he knew the owners, so they sent out my cousin to give a quote. I decided I'd stop by to say hello, and my presence ended up getting Mullens an awesome deal... almost half off the normal price. As a thank you, he took me to dinner at Hoops because I'm too poor to afford the $2 dinner myself.

Last night I spent more than I should have (a whopping $13) to go out with Carissa and Brynn. I've known them both for a long time, but we were always just friends of friends. It was nice to get a call from them to just hang out without the normal "in between" friends. So, we went to Babes (my first time) for half-priced drinks and terrible karaoke, then to Steak 'n Shake to finish the night.

Grolsch is a terrible beer. I order everyone reading this to never drink it.