I was uberproductive

I was uberproductive to the tenth degree last night.

I washed my dog, who was desperately in need of a washing. I'd been slacking on my combing duties, figuring that its winter and dogs shed less in winter. Winnie must be exempt from this rule. She came out of the experience a lot better smelling, fluffier, and with a lot less hair on her. That was the result I was looking for.

For a bit of compressed nerdiness, I upgraded from 802.11b to 802.11g, since g is for champs and b is for suckers. I moved my old computer, updated some software, captured some video, and found out that my computer is too old and shitty to run Premiere Pro 1.5. I'll have to get a new mobo/processor to make it work. The video will be used for my new website, which I also updated a bit last night.

In between all of that, I managed to eat dinner with my parents at the new Old Chicago. It's pretty much identical to the other Old Chicago.

In other news, it's getting brighter when I wake up every morning and staying brighter for when I leave work every evening. Those who keep bitching about the weather don't have long to wait until its warm again, so I recommend everyone enjoy the winter before you start bitching about how hot it is. That's my advice for today.