I'm going to

I'm going to try and post this while trying to leave out important details about the place I work, since I've learned that even though I use my name and picture all over this blasted journal, some amount of anonymity is important.


So today was my 6 month evaluation. And sure, like everyone, I complain about my job sometimes and I wish I didn't have to work. But let me reiterate how incredibly fortunate I am to have ended up where I did. Sure, the money is good, the benefits are great, and I'm out every Friday by noon. But the people are also great and appreciate what I do and my areas of expertise. My evaluation went splendidly, with only 1 minor complaint that's barely worth mentioning. Since I work closely with several departments, there were included emails from the heads of those departments commenting on the work I've done in the past 6 months, which were just glowing. One was even from the future CEO of the entire company, which was just awesome. Anyway, so at the end, I was told how great it was to have me aboard and a bunch of other stuff that, honestly, I can't ever remember hearing from a place of employment. Its good to be appreciated and enjoy your job. I just wish a raise came along with the 6 month evaluation. I have to wait until the year mark for that. I can hold out.

This has been a boring post, and for that I apologize. I just wanted to brag about how awesome my job is, and what a good day I had at the office today. I was so amped up from the good comments, I did all sorts of preparation for a big meeting with the aforementioned boss lady tomorrow. I'm not one to prepare for meetings, but this time I'm pulling out all the stops with my little notes on my little note pad. I feel so yuppy at work, but can't wait to get home and be my grungy self.

My next post will be more interesting. Promise.

Fact: Above every other compliment that can be given to me, I like being complimented on my sense of humor. A close second is being told I'm a good friend.

Memory: The second time I saw Pearl Jam at Alpine Valley, I went in the first part of October with Angie, Mullens, Brice, Molly, and Stephanie. Fabish was also there, but with his brother in law Kevin and my former neighbor Corey. It was butt ass freezing. The concert started and the 2 separate groups met up. Fabish, Brice and I wanted to get closer to the stage, so we started walking as close as we could. For those unfimilar with Alpine Valley, it's an outdoor venue that's basically on a hill with a railing about halfway up. On the front side of the railing are actual seats instead of just the ground. So Fabish and I were going to try to at least get to the railing. On the way up, we spotted a huge empty hole in the audience we thought we could cut through. As we approached, a guy grabbed my arm and said "uh... I don't think you want to go in there." I ignored his warning a promptly fell smack down on my ass and slid through the whole opening to the other side, where I slammed into some strangers who didn't seem put out at all. Brice and Fabish re-enacted the slide themselves a few seconds later, but we made it to the railing a tad bit muddier than we anticipated.

Other good parts of the night include me and Mullens starting a Pearl Jam singalong at the lines to the porta potty, Mullens trying not to puke on the car ride to the hotel room, and just being so miserably cold but excited to see the world's greatest band at one of the greatest venues ever, for a second time. The next morning we dropped Steph off at the airport in Chicago so she could go to Colorado. Things were never the same again.

Memory 2 to make up for the ones I ganked from Wolfie: A few days before my 21st birthday I was boozing at Brice's, as per usual. Brice said he could do backflips and no one believed him. A group of us made our way out to the parking lot of his building, while another group looked on from his balcony. As he completed his backflips (yes, he did them, and it was impressive because he was like 6'3" and 190 lbs.), a cop pulled up with his lights on, no doubt to crash Brice's party as they'd done dozens of times before. I looked at my beer and thought to myself "no fucking way am I getting an underage drinking ticket 3 days before I'm legal". I set my beer on the ground and scurried inside. If memory serves, I hid in Wolfie's room until the fuzz cleared out.