I'm still sick

I'm still sick and have no motivation to dig up pictures to post here. So I'm not going to.

Yesterday was a pretty awful day. The entire day was spent puking or pooping or sleeping and being generally miserable. The highlight was finishing 2 glasses of orange juice, only to puke it up a half hour later. It was still the same bright orange as it was going down, with basically no difference in taste, either. I did the same thing with water a bit later, but it didn't look nearly as cool as puking up orange juice.

Today I feel leaps and bounds better, although I have puked once or twice and I still have the body ache thing goin' on. I'll be back at work tomorrow, I reckon.

In lieu of the photos I promised, here's something even better. A lot of people use eBay to find good deals on products, which is especially true during the Christmas season. Well, I don't think anyone told this guy.